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Never Doubted It!

  • Never Doubted It!
  • Never Doubted It!
  • Never Doubted It!

What makes a leader, a captain of a sporting team so important when choosing?  When Marc Murphy was chosen as captain of Carlton when Juddy stepped down, there were many who doubted the choice and relished in their belief that they knew he was not captain material.  I was not one of them.  To me a leader of a team or of anything for that matter is someone who is quiet in their persona but fiery when it comes to what matters the most, and for footy, it is on the field.

I personally believed that Murph would be a captain that would show not only by leadership but by on the field dynamism. But for that to happen he had to have a team that believed in him as being the captain and more than that, wanting to be at the club.  That he needed a team that would be proud and honoured to put on the navy blue Guernsey and play for that and the team. Murph did not have that in his first few seasons as captain. He does now.

Since the start of the 2016 season, he has shown what a leader should be by taking on the game no matter what.  In Round 4, he played even though he had hurt his head which required stitches, was vomiting before the game, he still showed up and played his heart out.  He didn’t have to, he did it because that is what a true leader would do. That is what he did. He rallied when it was needed around his teammates who looked to him to lead, and he did not let them down.

Then in Round 5 he just took it to another level. Donning a helmet to protect the staples in his head, he had by the first 10 mins of the first quarter, 18 possessions.  He spurred the players on from one side of the field to the other, never letting the injury stop him. He quietly encouraged and nurtured the team to its first victory, and scored a magnificent goal when required. 

His quiet fortitude and demeanor does not mean that he would not be a great captain, it means that you would be what you are supposed to be in that role, a person who no matter what, no matter where and no matter when and under what circumstances,win, lose or draw,  you will put aside injuries, sickness and arrogance for the sake of the team and the club. 

I am impressed, stoked and confident in that Murph is the perfect captain to take this club to the next level.  Always believed.


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