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Who would've thought?

  • Who would've thought?

Let's face it, before Season 2016 began commentators, pundits and supporters thought Carlton would probably win a couple of games. Hopefully? Maybe one or two more....maybe?

We weren't supposed to win in Perth against last year's minor premiers. We would have to put up a good fight to beat the 'topped-up' Bombers. And there was no way we were going to top Collingwood (especially after Rnd 5 last year,  we didn't even make 7 goals). 

The 3 wins in 3 games have one thing in common: unity. Each player played their part,  they stepped up for each other, and play united to the final siren. Last year these were the sort of games Carlton would have capitulated. But when Fremantle came back hard in the final quarter, they stepped up and didn't give up. When Essendon got within 3 points, the baby Blues and leaders alike gritted their teeth, backed themselves and pushed themselves over the line. And when Collingwood slotted through 2 goals to bring back the margin to 9 points, the players kept going, stuck to their game plan stood firm.

Carlton's leaders have shone. Murphy has shown us why he is indeed Captain and bleeds navy blue. Gibbs is displaying the class we all knew he has and Simpson why is the heart and soul of the team. Daisy Thomas has had his best 3 weeks in navy blue ever. Wright, Kerridge and Phillips have added depth with ready-to-go football smarts. Cripps, Docherty, Weitering, Byrne and Plowman have shown us the future. Above all, they have shown us how united they are.

Sure the detractors (and realists!) can say that beating a hopeless Freo isn't all that difficult, so too an Essendon team with 12 of it's best players out. Collingwood have been decimated with injury. But  when most predicted that in a year with a new coach, new players and rebuild underway, wins were going to be few and far between. So to win 3 in a row, in the fashion they have and with plenty of reason to give fans the hope that we may win a few more, well...who would've thought?


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