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Kade Simpson...250 Games...Legend!

  • Kade Simpson...250 Games...Legend!

On Sunday 15th May, 2016 a new legend of the game will run on to the field at Etihad Stadium. The humble, rejuvenated, bloody awesome player that wears the number 6…Mr Kade Simpson, or Simmo, will play his 250th game of footy.  He will join players, such a magnanimous number of players from Carlton who have played 250 or more games and with his body and his will to continue, who knows where this player could finish.

One of my all-time favourite players of Carlton has been the incredible Craig Bradley who played 375 games and retired at 39 years old.   He is of the same caliber of the modern age of footy, quiet, unassuming, yet a leader on the field and off.  The renewal of his passion for the game under Bolts has seen him become an astounding and valuable player for Carlton this year and I hope, as I am sure all supporters do, hope that he continues on at Carlton.

Who knows when he could finish and what valuable insight he could and does give to the new players!

Congratulations Simmo on playing your 250th game this week. You are the epitome of a true champion of the game.


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