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Who Would've Thought It? A poem...

  • Who Would've Thought It? A poem...

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 29: Blues players form a huddle during the round 10 AFL match between the Carlton Blues and the Geelong Cats at Etihad Stadium on May 29, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

The year 2016 was one that looked like doom and gloom,

Media believed that Carlton would be winless, broken, and win the wooden spoon.

The first few rounds showed signs of growth and skills abound,

But no glory was really found.

Then round 5 came along and in a faraway state,

Carlton showed Freo and the AFL world the bounty on their slate.

Then who would’ve thought it, but they damn well won again,

Downing an old foe, the club known as Essendon.

Surely that was going to be it, all the naysayers cried,

But no, then another enemy bit the dust, the Magpies were fried.

That was it, they surely said, it can’t win anymore.

But no-one saw how a positive outlook would shake the team to their core.

The Power were the next to fall in this growth of a team once down.

And soon, the AFL world sat up, took notice of the Navy Blues and their man Bolton.

In Round 10, against all the odds, after losing against North the week before and a conclusion forgone,

An embattled club, 2 less players, took the spotlight and beat Geelong.

Now everyone who can write or talk are jumping on the bandwagon, opinions abound.

From hero players, legendary coach, to warning signs or beware of success comes the sound.

But what they don’t know, or don’t really understand, is the seeds that have been planted at Ikon Park.

That Carlton is growing and coming out of the dark.

Because in a year or so, whether the footy world like it or not.

With nurture, care and a foresight so great, Carlton will be back, and back on top.


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