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We are better than that….

  • We are better than that….

Those reading this love footy! Simple.  They love the sport, their club, the players, the little nuances that go on behind the games that make an AFL season what it is, exciting. They support their club of choice with a passion that is irrefutable, and one that is as individual as you reading this and me writing this.  This is the way it should be.  When a club that has been in doldrums for some years, starts a new season with new faces at the helm and on the ground, behind the scenes, changes the direction of that club towards one that is more positive and more unified, the supporters must get behind not only the club but one another.

Carlton’s coach, Bendon Bolton has stated that together we will build this club back to where it once was, on top.  I reiterate one word, “together”, because that is what Carlton is trying to achieve since Bolts took over coaching and what Steven Trigg, Mark LoGiudice etc. are endeavouring to achieve.

This week we saw the club come out with a great initative called “Carlton Respects” regarding the stopping of family violence and the promoting of respect and equality. Respect is a word that is often used when it suits the person using it, but in this case respect is used to convey a message regarding each and every one of the club’s personnel, members and supporters and the community at large.  But for some reason some are just not getting or wanting to understand what this word respect means, supporters are turning on other supporters.

Name calling, belittling on social media, petty issues concerning supporters is not what the term “respect” means and not the message the club is trying to convey.  If we as a club are to become great again, then we need to understand not only Bolts message of “together” but also the club’s message of “respect”.  If we are to become the club that we all want it to become, then we have be better than what is sometimes portrayed out there in social media land and at a game.  We have to become exactly what the club is telling us, to be a unified club that respects the Carlton community and the community at large. 

As a community, the Carlton community is better than those that try to fractionalise it.  We must act it, promote it and show the AFL world that we are better than the bitterness that is sometimes out there. If you are “bound by Blue”, then be Bound By Blue. Support the club, support each other, otherwise you just are not getting the message.


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