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Cool, Calm, Collected...Bolts!

  • Cool, Calm, Collected...Bolts!

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 29: Brendon Bolton, Senior Coach of the Blues claps his players during the 2016 AFL Round 10 match between the Carlton Blues and the Geelong Cats at Etihad Stadium on May 29, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

If you get a chance to see Fox’s On The Couch show that was aired on Monday 18th July, you should see it, not for any other reason than to listen Brendon Bolton. We all know what the club has been through in the past and we all know what it can look forward to in the future, but that is not why you should watch the show. 

Bolts was asked the question if he could give a time frame of when it is likely that Carlton will make finals and he answered it coolly, collectively and with poise in a way that is what the club is striving to achieve.  That is the goal is not a quick-fix remedy to get the club back up top, but a concerted, solid, resilient path to ensure that this club becomes what is once was, a great club.  His answer was that Steven Trigg, Mark LoGiudice together with Stephan Silvagni and the Assistant coaches is to not put a time frame on when this will happen.  That procedures, expectations in players both on-field and off-field are paramount in ensuring that in the long-term Carlton will be considered once again a great club.  That there is no definite time when this will happen, but that it will happen.  That by recruiting, drafting and tweaking the list will ensure that each and every player that is at the club and drafted to the club know what is expected of them and how to achieve this for the benefit of the club and themselves. 

The positivism that is surrounding the club now is infectious, the future is brimming with what is possible and what will be possible.  If you watch this episode, even the commentators were in awe of how composed Bolts was and is. Of how the club is ensuring that longevity reigns supreme and that no matter how long it takes, Carlton will be great again.  Given what we saw on Sunday afternoon against the Eagles, I have a feeling it won’t be long.


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