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Mr Walker...Thank you!

  • Mr Walker...Thank you!

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 20: Andrew Walker of the Blues gathers the ball under pressure from Brad Ebert of the Power during the 2015 AFL round twelve match between the Carlton Blues and Port Adelaide Power at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne on June 20, 2015. (Photo by Justine Walker/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Today the wearer of the number one guernsey, Mr Andrew Walker announced his retirement and for all Carlton supporters, we say a huge "Thank you." Thank you for being a truly great player both on and of the field.  For showing respect to both players and supporters. For delivering to the footy world one of the most magnificent marks of the game that was robbed of being voted mark of the year. You were one of the most exciting players to watch on the field with your speed, agility and tenacity.  If a new player wants to emulate how to be a great player for a club, then all they need to do is watch you in action.  

There are some saying that now that the number one guernsey has now been relinquished that Jack Silvagni should carry on the number one tradition that started with his grandfather, Serge.  To this I say no. Jack Silvagni is making his mark at Carlton in his own way and so must keep his number two guernsey.  It is not about "tradition" or the emotion behind the number one, but about identity and though we all symbolize the Silvagni tradition being number one, Jack must make his own tradition, the number two.  I am sure there are supporters out there who have purchased guernseys with the number two on them because they believe in the player that is Jack Silvagni, number two.  It does not mean anything less or more, it just means what it is, Jack Silvagni, Carlton player, wearing the number 2.  

Let's leave the number one out for a year out of respect for a great player of Carlton, Andrew Walker. Mr Walker, I salute you, respect you and hope that in your future you know and understand how much the supporters of the Carlton Football Club admire you for what you have given the club.  Thanks Mr. Walker.


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