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I Will Not Discuss...

  • I Will Not Discuss...

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 07: Andrew Walker of the Blues is chaired from the field by Kade Simpson of the Blues and Bryce Gibbs of the Blues as he leaves the field after playing his final AFL match during the round 20 AFL match between the Carlton Blues and the St Kilda Saints at Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 7, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

I’m not going to write or discuss Carlton’s match against St. Kilda, we all know that it was not pretty and we all know which players should not be on the field wearing the Navy Blue.  I’m not going to discuss the fact that a few players just did not perform on any level on a senior level and felt that Sunday’s match was just a casual jog on the field.  I’m not going to single out those players who never gave up and showed time and time again what incredible players they are.  I’m not going to even discuss how Andrew Walker, despite being hampered by injury, and playing his last game of AFL, still tried with every fibre of his being to make a difference.

I’m not going to get embroiled in the discussion about how now that the number 1 guernsey is not being used by Walker anymore that Jack Silvagni should now, as his father and grandfather did, wear the number 1.  I have stated my view and still hold to that, leave it for a year and leave Jack to make his mark on his terms with a number that is his alone, the number 2.  I’m not even going to state what I think Carlton is missing in its team with regards to depth, besides the fact that we need more grunt in the mid-field to help both Krooz and Phillips in the centre and Crippa, Docherty, Curnow, Armfield and the star that is Simmo, cannot do it alone. I’m not even going to mention the frustration felt in the forward line, which needs drastic infiltration of someone who can not only take a mark and but kick goals. I’m not going to state that our backline is pretty much there and just needs a bit more tweaking.

I’m not going to discuss any of this and certainly not the atrocious decision by not only the goal umpire and the third umpire of what was a ball over the line and a behind, that resulted in their deciding it was a goal.  Nope, not going there. 

There are only two things I will discuss, one is that Carlton know where they are in terms of what the team needs in order to become a successful club and what it doesn’t need in terms of which players just don’t cut it and yesterday we saw those players who just don’t cut it.  The other is that if you look at the crowd at the match, I was actually quite impressed with the Carlton turnout compared to the St. Kilda one.  Because given all of what happened on Sunday, supporters are starting to feel that the club is on the road to rising up the ladder.  That we know that it would not have happened this year, but that next year after what will be a culling of the team of those who just don’t fulfil AFL senior standards and the bringing in of those players that will ensure a depth in the playing group for the future.


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