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Brendon Bolton...the right man!

  • Brendon Bolton...the right man!

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 21: Blues head coach Brendon Bolton speaks to his team during a quarter time break during the round nine AFL match between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the Carlton Blues at Etihad Stadium on May 21, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

This is getting ridiculous! I mean now there are some who are writing about whether Brendon Bolton is the coach to take Carlton to its 17th Premiership! I mean c’mon, is this just writing for the sake of writing?  To say that Brendon Bolton does not have the capacity to lead the club to its next Premiership is really, in my view (and this is my view) putting the cart before the horse! 

This is a new coach who has only started coaching, guiding and re-shaping the club to ensure long-term success.  He has done more than anyone thought possible in such a short time at the club.  He has changed the entire mentality not only in the team but in the club as a whole.  He has put in place structures, procedures and training requirements and expectations that will ensure long-term success.  To suggest that we now should debate whether or not he is the coach to take Carlton to its next Premiership is not very insightful, helpful or correct.

To put a time-frame on when he needs to achieve this again is not very insightful, helpful or correct.  He has no time limit on his contract, because he does not have the typical, standard time-limit contract and the reason is that the club administrators know full well what is needed to ensure that the club is back on top.  I don’t get why some want to discuss a future that no-one can really determine with certainty whether or not Bolts is the coach of a Premiership team! Or that they think that Bolts is not the type of coach that can take a team to a Premiership!

Bolts, SOS and the rest of the coaching staff and the administrators know exactly where they stand in terms of what is needed for the future rise of the club and where they stand now.  They are under no illusion of this and how long it will take to get there. To start discussing whether or not a coach, who has turned a club around for the better, is the one to take the team to a Premiership is in some ways a discussion of whether or not you as a supporter has faith in what he has achieved at the club.  Given the number of members the club now has, Bolts has done more for this club than any other in the past few years and all in the right ways.  Is he the coach to take Carlton to its 17th Premiership, yep, he is!


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