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Please pass me my rose-coloured glasses!

  • Please pass me my rose-coloured glasses!

On FB a comment was made that there are a lot of Carlton supporters with “rose coloured glasses” on, that we are seeing the team in a “half glass full” view and we should be looking at them in a “half glass empty” way. Um, sorry, nope, don’t agree.  Let’s get one thing straight, Carlton got beaten by a team that played a better first half than we did and for the second half, we were close, but we had to play catch-up against a team that is usually thrashed every week. If you put everything into perspective, sure we didn’t play well in the first half and sure we had missed opportunities, but that does not mean that we need to see this year, this team, in anything other than with “rose coloured glasses”, here’s why.

In reality, Carlton knew exactly where they were this year.  They knew the team they had, what they needed to do in order to get Carlton into that winning structure again and they also knew which players were permanent, which were 50/50 and which players just had to go. We saw last week players who just did not perform on any level to earn themselves another crack in the Carlton structure, mainly Nick Graham.  Last week he looked like a dog trying to chase its tail, he had no clue or no impetus to try to do anything else than chase his tail.  There is usually comments about Carlton’s forward structure just not performing, not this week, because Casboult kicked kicked 4.2, Silvagni 3, Wright 2. In any given weeks in the past we would not have even seen close to these stats. It was not the forward line that let us down is, was quite surprisingly our backline.

When you allow a team to kick that many goals in the first half it is because your backline pressure is lacking and that is where we stumbled today, as there was no pressure whatsoever on Brisbane’s forward line.  We allowed them to stream right past us and kick goals.  Carlton made far too many errors and panicked under pressure which then cost us in turnovers.  We didn’t tackle as hard and our stats in the first half were really, well not good and for the rest of the match we had to play catch-up. We are lacking 23-round stamina and depth but if you are going to be realistic then this was always going to be the case, this year.

First senior game player David Cunningham had 7 disposals, 2 kicks, 5 handballs, 3 marks and this was his first senior game, yet there are some out there in “arm-chair coach” land who state that he needs to be dropped because of poor effort! I mean c’mon, Silvagni in his first senior game made mistakes as they all do in their first senior game, but with each game played they get better and better and get know and understand what is required on a senior level. Where Carlton are sitting right now is the perfect place to get players like Cunningham senior game time to develop his skills and ability to ensure that next year, he will learn and develop into the top player the coaches know and believe him capable to turning into.

Carlton were never going to be a major player in the 2016 AFL season, they were always going to be in the bottom 8 and even though we all saw a glimmer mid-season, realistically there was no way that this would be sustained given that the club knows exactly what they are lacking in terms of their depth.  But what it does do is give the coaches and selectors a chance to see those players who they know will be part of Carlton’s rise and those players who are just not up to it.  That is what this year was all about because when it comes to the draft season and the season of negotiations of contracts, the club will know who they want to keep and who to trade out.  

So sure, I’m one of those supporters who is wearing “rose coloured glasses” because I’m one of those supporters who realistically understands where the club is at in 2016.  Sure I was disappointed that we lost, but unlike last year, I was angry because I expected more, this year, I am actually quite excited for 2017 because I can see what we have in our midst and what we will be hopefully getting. So please pass me the rose-coloured glasses!


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