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I'm A Realist!

  • I'm A Realist!

I’m sorry but I have to get this out in cyber world, I am appalled at the way some so-called supporters are going on about Carlton’s loss against Brisbane and in general, their losses since the last time we won! In what realm of “lala” land do you exist if you did not understand what the aim of season 2016 was going to be? Did you really think that given that we have a new coach, a new coaching structure and personnel together with new players, rookies, that we were going to be blasting our way to the top 8?  Let me clear up a few things.

With players retiring, cutting out those players that just do not perform, the club gets to see what players they need to fill the gaps and ensure a depth in the playing field and what players they need to get rid of.  The match against Brisbane was frustrating but it enabled the club to see what is it they need to get them back on top. We were never going to be anywhere else on the ladder than where we are right now. Infact we were supposedly going to finish at the bottom, another wooden spoon, we didn’t, we won’t.

We have some really exciting young players who will in the future become major components in the rise of Carlton. We have some senior players who will ensure that they become mentors and guides to the younger players, because every club, no matter who they are need a mix of old and younger players.  To think, as some have said, that I have my “head buried in the sand” is not very insightful when I know exactly where my head is and it is not “buried in the sand”. Then to suggest that some supporters are sick of the same old “bullshit” being handed out to them by the administrators is, again, not very insightful as the “same old” administrators are just not at the club anymore. 

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This year is about a fresh start from what was a really crappy few years.  We cannot keep looking backwards because what was on offer last year is not what is on offer this year.  To be a supporter you have to be consistent, either you support the club or you don’t, either you understand what the whole process of rebuilding a club that was in tatters or you don’t.  If we had won the number of games that all experts stated we would win, what would supporters have stated then? Would some have just said “same-old-same-old” and be done with the club?

I am a realist when it comes to the Carlton FC as I understand completely what is required to make this club great again and this takes time.  There will be exhilarating wins and bloody frustrating losses, but in the end, they will get it right. So I am not delusional, have my head in the sand or a basket case, but if you think I am, then so be it, because I know that you just don’t get what season 2016 is all about for the Carlton FC.


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