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A Battle on the MCG!

  • A Battle on the MCG!

Once upon a time, not long ago, a battle was fought on the sacred ground known as the MCG.  It was on a bleak, cold and wet Sunday afternoon that two opponents stood ready to face battle. For one side it was a battle that would keep a dream, a hope alive, for the other it was for no other reason than pride in who they were and for those that had supported them no matter what.

As the siren filled the arena and roars were echoed around the ground, anticipation was felt by the team that had the hope still in them.  But it was not to be, for the knights known as the Jesse of Hogan, the Max of Gawn, the Jack of Watts, even the Bernie of Vince could not have known that their efforts fell short in the face of those that fought harder. For it was in the Sir Bryce of Gibbs, Sir Patrick of Cripps, Sir Dylan of Buckley that showed their battle faces on and not for one minute did they let up.  They showed a once hopeful side what sheer grit and determination can do and as the minutes ticked by they were shown the prowess of the lord that is Sam Rowe, the mighty lord and leader of this group, the fearless Lord Kade of the Simpson and Lord Sam of the Docherty.  Even those that the crowd had doubts in surprised all and sundry with this determination, the knight Nick of Graham. 

There were times when those that oversaw the battle did err in judgement in their decisions of fair play and fairness, but this did not deter those warriors from doing anything else than what they came to do, send that demon opponent back to hell. 

For this tale is about how a team with nothing to lose but everything to gain, stood up and vanquished an opponent with might, force and sheer determination in conditions that made some spectators scurrying for cover.  It is a tale that in the end showed those onlookers that their time in the spotlight might be over for now, but that in the battle ground of the season of the AFL in 2017, this side has something that cannot be taken away from it, hope. As the final sound was heard to end the battle, and a roar of sheer delight rang around the ground, a ritual as old as time occurred with the anointing of a newcomer to the side, the Page, David of Cunningham, who as time goes one will rise to become a leader in battle.

There is no moral to this story, no lesson to be learnt, only a message to those that decided that their support depended on whether these warriors would win or not.  The message is support comes from belief and belief comes from knowing that no matter what, or where, those that stand by you through thick and thin, will always be the ones that stand in the rain, in the sun, and with one mighty voice, shout “We Are The Navy Blues” and it is they who will rejoice in the final battle when a mighty trophy will be held up high in the future. For that day will come.

(How good was that win!)


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