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After Carlton’ last game of season 2016, I didn’t want to write anything, not for any other reason in other than I wanted to see what others said about the game and about Carlton. I was not surprised by what some said as what they said meant that they really did not understand what Carlton were in season 2016.

One person wrote that the game was the darkest day in Carlton’s history.  A bit over dramatic really. Some said that we should get O’Meara no matter what even if that does mean giving up our Number 5 Draft pick.  Not going happen.  There are some who say that the supporters who still stand behind the club are happy to be fed the garbage game that was on Saturday. Not true.

Let’s get realistic here. At no point during the pre-season or the season did any, I repeat ANY of the coaches, administrators etc. state that we are anything more than what we are right now.  They did not state that we are top 8 material. That we are a club that is ready to take on the challenge of a massive rise up the ladder.  They did not blow hot air up the supporters arses just to appease them.  They stated categorically that this was not going to happen in season 2016, and they were right.  Sure we won more games than anyone thought we would, which enabled the club to see two things, one being the capabilities of the rookies and two, those players who will have played their last game in the Navy Blue.

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Bolts has stated along, never faltered on this that we are in a re-build.  Not one coach previously has stated or even saw that this is where the club was at that moment.  For the first time in a while, both the coaches and administrators are on the same page, WE ARE RE-BUILDING!  What this means is that there will be exhilarating highs and some down in the sewer lows and as a club who is going through it this year, that is exactly what has happened. 

I don’t accept garbage as I don’t accept those players who really did not stand up in that game on Saturday.  I know that for some who played, it will have been their last in the Navy Blue.  I completely know exactly where Carlton is this year and expected nothing more.  It is those supporters who expected the arrogance of previous histories to excel the club right into being more than what the club is at this moment in time, re-building.

I know what is in front of Carlton during the draft period and in the off-season, even in the pre-season.  I know that it will take Carlton another, at least, 2-3 years to become the club we all want. It took Clarkson 4 years to re-build Hawthorn to where they are now, do you really think it will be anything less for us?

I do not accept some of the performances some of the players have produced this year but I do accept that we are on the right track, but it takes time. If as a supporter you can’t wait that long, then support another team that is already there.  But you will not ever feel the immense, emotional, friggin-awesome jubilation when Carlton are back on top. You would not have earned that right from those supporters that every week stand behind the team, no matter what.

The season may have ended not in the way I would have liked, but hey, we are getting there and in 2017, we will take one more step to back to where we should be. Looking forward to that. Bring on theTrade/ Draft Season!


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