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No quick-fixes please!

  • No quick-fixes please!

I am a believer in a person’s ability to know not only their limitations but how to best overcome them and in turn become a better person in their own mind and how this in turn will make that person believe in what was once not possible, possible. By knowing that this possibility does not happen with quick fixes but over time and with patience. This has a lot of credence in footy and what is going on today in the footy world with regards to not only Carlton, but those teams that are in a bit of turmoil now. It is also true when it comes to recruiting players and to what a team wants to achieve not only in the short-term, but long-term as well.

This year we have seen a Carlton club come out of a dark tunnel onto a road that has had a few bumps along the way, but will lead to a much smoother road.  With the team out of finals contention, eyes and ears have been searching for all the talk regarding trades, delisting’s etc.  There is talk about getting players such as Brent Harvey or Jack Riewoldt and trading players such as Zac Touhy or Bryce Gibbs.  There have been comments by those who think they know that Carlton must be shit because players don’t want to come to Carlton.  That our recruiting is crap because look at where we are this year on the ladder.  Let’s put some perspective in all of this by asking the question “What do you want Carlton to be?” The answer is simple, successful.

Do we want Carlton to be in a position that Richmond are in now? That is a club that tried to do a “quick-fix” resolution and have ended up scrapping their 35 year/ 5-year plan realising that they are not the team that everyone and themselves, thought they were.  They are a club that never really looked at long-term success, in the words of their own administrators, and this has been detrimental to the growth of their club.  Do we as supporters want a club that has a quick-fix premiership-hopeful side or do we want long-term-power-house-envy-of-all clubs?  I know that I want Carlton to be where they should be, in the same position that Hawthorn has been in the past 5 years, a powerful, dynamic, feared club.  To do this it takes time.

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I stated that Carlton for the sake of their growth must finish exactly where they finished this year, in the middle of the bottom 8.  I stated that next year we will see a small, but steady rise and that in 2018 Carlton will then become a club that eyes will start to focus on again.  I don’t want to be the club that panics and looks at quick fixes to win a premiership, which Richmond has done and which we did in the past. 

For Carlton to become a power-house it takes time and the slow but precise recruiting from a man who has basically got GWS to be the team they are today.  Sure SOS had priority picks, but it was the calibre of players chosen that makes a difference at a club.  We need players who not only fit the gaps in the team that are missing, but that fit in with the mix that is at Carlton right now.  No matter what or who you work for, if you do not fit in with the company, that you are not part of the team and have the same ideals, then no matter how amazing you are, you will not work out or be the success you want to be.  It is the same for a club.  It makes no difference how great a player or prospective player is at one club if they don’t fit in with the club. A mediocre player at one club can become sensational at another and a sensational player at one club can become mediocre.  We have to trust that SOS, Bolts and the rest of the coaches know what is required and who is needed.

All true supporters of any club should not demand a quick fix for a club that has been down at the bottom for that is not how a poor club becomes great again.  Richmond have learnt this just as Carlton did last year, but for us, the tide has turned.  To those supporters who tout that they know more than what the club needs, stop being arm-chair coaches and start realising that Carlton will be a powerful club again, but it will take time.  There are no quick-fixes in footy, there never will be.


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