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No Club Should Be Held To Ransom...

  • No Club Should Be Held To Ransom...

With the trade period looming, a lot of teams have already started wheeling and dealing and rumours swirl social media, the radio, TV, newspapers, whispers from a friend of a friend and so on.  Those players that the supporters love and who are not yet under contract with their club start chewing their nails with anticipation.  But the reality is that the notion of a single-club player has well and truly gone out of the door.  There are some who still stick to that notion, but generally most are willing to go to another club if the offer is better.  But here is where I believe that some players just don’t understand what is being offered and what they could potentially lose.

Zac Touhy right now at Carlton is rumoured to be considering an offer from North Melbourne that is a 4-year deal. There are supporters who are saying that Carlton must do everything in its power to ensure that this does not happen.  Wrong! If we as a club want to instil a sense of unity and power, then no club, no matter who it is must be held to ransom over securing the signature of a player.  Now I’m not talking about past mistakes such as Eddie Betts, because that was in a different time and under very different circumstances.  I’m talking about a player who is a great player and now has come to a crossroads in his career and he has to decide which path to take, this is the same with Carlton.  They came to crossroads when they hired Brendon Bolton and SOS and went down a path that is proving to be the right one. The question should be asked; will Touhy make the same right decision.

If he does go, then Carlton will get a draft pick that will see them continuing their rebuild in ensuring that the club becomes a feared club not a pitied one.  But the problem is, as I see it, is that Touhy will be jumping into a fire that is fraught with burns and sparks, because under Brad Scott, given the NM team right now, they will not win a premiership in the near future.  When they seem to be in a position to contest for the premiership, Touhy and also Waite will be far too old to even have a shot at playing in that team. Waite, because is too old and too injured to continue past this year or next.  Touhy will be joining a team that got rid of one of NM’s most valuable players, Boomer Harvey.  They are a club that need to begin to start re-shaping their club and in 4 years’ time, NM might be in the top 8, but so will a lot of other clubs who are verging on break into the top 8 either next year or the year after.

So do I think Touhy should go to NM, in reality, no, because he won’t achieve what he thinks he could.  Will he stay, not sure, but either way in this case, he must choose his path and in the end Carlton will win because either he stays and continues his journey with us or he leaves and we get a draft pick that could see the club add another dynamic body in the backline. To have another Weitering or Docherty is going to be a real bonus.  It’s in Touhy’s court now.


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