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Carlton and the AFL NAB Trade

  • Carlton and the AFL NAB Trade


Every day for the past 9 days, from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, then Monday to Thursday, I sat working on my Honours, headphones on listening to every word said on the AFL NAB Trade Radio. I listened to the commentary, from some the worst drivel I have ever heard (yes you Mr Cornes) to some of the most insightful.  I listened to the shock when Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis left Hawthorn. I listened to the speculation from those that should know better about the Carlton vs Adelaide discussions about Bryce Gibbs.

There have been times, many, many times that I have wanted to write what I thought about the Trade period so far, but no, I kept my cool and believe me, it was hard at times to do that, so I waited until the time was over and now I am ready.

I stated from the start that Gibbs would not go to Adelaide unless (and it was a big unless) Carlton would get in return big draft picks and a big player.  Of course, this did not happen and Gibbs is staying at Carlton.  What some in the know should know is that Carlton did the only thing that was respectful, full of integrity to the contract that Gibbs had signed two years ago, they did not falter in their stance. I agree with what they did, so bloody agree. Today on SEN Andrew McKay, Carlton’s GM spoke about the trade talks regarding Gibbs, with conviction, respect and downright integrity.

Gibbs signed a 5-year contract, he has another 3 years to go. I understand that circumstances can change and that for him, personally there was a real reason to go back to Adelaide, but as McKay stated, Gibbs also knows that he a contracted player and handled the situation with professionalism. I don’t want to know the reasons why he wanted to return home that is not the point, the point is that he voiced a request, if possible, to go back to Adelaide but completely understands the position that he has put Carlton in and understands that it may not, and it didn’t eventuate. So Gibbs with staying at Carlton and there is the belief at Carlton that he will stay until the end of his contract, let’s wait and see, but for now he is at Carlton. Let’s leave it there.

What really got my shackles up was the complete and utter ignorant viewpoints from Carlton supporters about the Trade Period.  From the very first day, some were stating that SOS does not know what he is doing or that he needs to be sacked.  That at the end of the first week of the trade period, there were those who felt that Carlton were useless because they did not get anyone!  I did vent a little on FB but I’m going to vent a lot here.  Then there were some who at the last day, yesterday said that SOS and his team must go, that they are bringing the club down because nothing has been done, except for the trading to Carlton of Billy Smedts. It made me laugh that one supporter even stated that they are not renewing their membership because of that.  There were comments such as “I’m pissed off, SOS is useless” or that “Carlton you are shit”.

The trade period goes for 9 days, read that again, 9 DAYS, not 1, 2 or 3, but 9! In that time SOS and his team have been in negotiations trying to achieve what they actually achieved.  It does not happen in a minute, or an hour or even a day, it takes time.  Every club wants to achieve the maximum success they can during the trade period, so do you really think that the clubs are just sitting there saying, you know what, Carlton, take whatever you want! A lot of talking goes on during the trade period between all the clubs and in the end Carlton got what it set out to get, those players that wanted to come to the club.  Read that again, THOSE PLAYERS THAT WANTED TO COME TO THE CLUB.

That is another thing, there were supporters who said why aren’t Carlton going for specific players. The answer, because they didn’t want to come! If a player who wants to leave one club, nominates another, then why should a different club try and get him?  O’Meara wanted to come to Hawthorn and yet Essendon tried to get him as well. He did not answer his phone when they called and his manager did not take calls from them, he did not want to go to Essendon, simple.  It was the same with other players who some supporters stated we should go after, they did not want to come to the club.

What these past 9 days has shown me is that there are supporters who do not understand the trade period process and the time it takes to negotiate. That they believe their views are more important than the big picture which is Carlton are rebuilding to take the journey up the ladder and in doing so will trade and negotiate to achieve this.  If a supporter does not like a player who has joined the club or it is not done according to the time frame of the supporter, then don’t support the club.

Carlton has brought in players that will help the club reach its final destination, back to the top.  SOS formatted the GWS side to where it is today, don’t you think he knows what he is doing and what is required?  We have a great selection in the upcoming draft and with the new players into the club it will only enhance the existing players.  

I stated at the beginning of this year that Carlton will do better this year than a lot believe, they did.  I will state that next season, Carlton will do better again, because that is what a club should be doing, getting better and better every year and this means bringing in new blood, allowing those that don’t want to play for the Navy Blue to leave as long as it is beneficial for the growth of the club.

To those supporters who do not have the patience or the confidence in Bolts, SOS and their teams or the growth of the club, then you are free to leave. Me, I will always be #BOUNDBYBLUE! I believe in where the club is now finally heading. It started with Bolts and SOS and a new management and board. It will take time, but we are heading in the right direction and if you don’t like it, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out!


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