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Dear Adelaide Football Club...

  • Dear Adelaide Football Club...

Dear Adelaide Football Club,

You came to the Trade Period like a cocky poker player gloating with your pockets full of chips. You sat down at the very high stakes poker table and you tried to bluff your way with a hand comprising of nothing substantial and you got caught out.  You lost. You have no-one to blame but your inability to understand the process of the game or the value of what a contract means.

Bryce Gibbs requested that he would like to go back home to Adelaide, but, he also knew that he had signed a 5 year contract and in 2017 would be heading into this third year of the contract. On what realm do you live in that you believe Carlton should have given up a significant contracted player with the paltry offering you served? He was not a player that had one year to go, but 3…THREE! Obviously you felt that he was just not worth anything other than what you offered, or that you tried to bluff your way through in the hope that Carlton would capitulate, you were wrong.

You cannot assume that the integrity of contracts mean nothing, especially when one has 3 more years to go! You cannot assume that a team in the process of rebuilding will let go of a player who has 3 more years to go on a contract and who is considered to be a really good player. You made so many assumptions on what would happen, which means that you really don’t understand the processes or that you were really ill-advised, or that you were just too smug for your own good.

When you say to a player that you want them there at your club and will pull out all stops, what you are actually saying is that “yeah, sure, we want you here, but we’re not willing to give up much for you”. This in turn means that you don’t really value him as high as you led him to believe. Don’t blame Carlton for a mistake you made or for assuming that we are so down in the ladder that we are scrambling, because are not.

Look at the trades that we got and look at the one you didn’t. Who is scrambling now?  The integrity of contracts must be upheld especially if the contract has a fair way to go.

Stop blaming Carlton for something that is really your doing.  Gibbs knew that going to Adelaide was a long shot but you told him otherwise.  Gibbs understands his contractual obligations, you obviously don’t. You failed, not Carlton. You stuffed up, not Carlton. You lost, not Carlton because at the end of the day Gibbs is a professional sportsman who will play his heart out for a club that valued him more than you did.

You can’t cash in your chips, because you lost them all in the bluff you tried to play.  Your loss, don’t blame the game.


Carlton Member.


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