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Some people like to live in the past.  They see what past glory they may have experienced, see that the present is nothing like that and see nothing but the same thing in the future. They do not understand the very notion that nothing, NOTHING stays the same and that factors beyond anyone’s control come into play that alters everything.  This is the same thing when it comes to sports of any kind, and in this respect AFL and Carlton.

I undertook a research essay into the origins of this great game and found out some really interesting facts, which are not really pertinent here, but what is, is that the game has changed since its very first inception and continually changes to suit the needs of the time. There are those who believe nothing should change and that past glories are what we should be focusing on in order to achieve some semblance of present ones.  NOT TRUE!

We cannot live in the past, for it is gone. No successful club or player of any sport or really life in general will ever succeed for their future.  Yet there are some people who cannot get over this as they still believe that what was achieved in the past can be achieved in the future if we adhere to those standards of the past. WRONG!

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Prime examples are a-plenty in the AFL, the Western Bulldogs.  If they had based their future on their past they would never have got to where they are now, Premiership Winners. If Hawthorn would have based their future on their past they never would have become one of the greatest clubs in the past 10 years.  Each club saw what would be needed to attain their achievements by looking at what would be needed to get them there, and that is by looking at what would be needed in the long-term, what players, coaches, methods etc. would needed to be changed and altered to get them to where they want to be.  This is not something that requires looking back at the past, but by looking at what was needed for the future.

There are those people who continually seek to reprimand what Carlton are endeavouring to achieve for the future success of the club but comparing it to what was done in the past.  Really? Get over it! Stop moaning, stop looking at the past and see what has been achieved for the future.  Stop making idiotic comments about the club by comparing it to what it was over twenty years ago. Carlton, and for that matter any other club will never achieve any success if they do not let go of the past and start planning for the future.

This year for the first time in a long time, Carlton has reached 30,000 members before the end of the year, the club must be doing something so right to reach that.  There are people out there who believe that the club is heading in the direction that it should be heading in and the results show it.  The innuendos, the suppositions, the gossip mongering, the blatant ignorance of those who wish to undermine what Carlton and other clubs are doing by understanding that the past remains there, in the past, are showing that they really do not understand what is going on at Carlton to get them back on top.

Carlton have an incredible and magnificent legacy of past glories and wins. It is part of the very core of what makes Carlton a great club, which it is, but it is one that should not define who we will be in future, it is one that will be the foundation of what will be our future,and that will lead to success!


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