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Carlton's 2017 Leadership Group includes a great player!

  • Carlton's 2017 Leadership Group includes a great player!

Today Carlton supporters were greeted with the news of who is in the Leadership Group under the captaincy of Marc Murphy. Today supporters saw a group of players who play for the club with their heart and soul become the leaders of their club. Today supporters were greeted with the inclusion in this group of a player who epitomizes heart, determination and a sheer love of the club, Dennis Armfield.  Today supporters were insulted by those who felt that sure he was in the leadership group, but would never get a senior game.  Today supporters, real supporters who understand the growth of this club, the incredible future this club has, were amazed to find that still, before the season has even started, that there are those who cannot see the amazing impact Dennis Armfield has not only on the field but off.

It is mind-boggling hysterically funny that there are supporters who see Armfield as nothing more than a reserves player. Obviously they know everything about what makes a great club that is on the rise (sarcasm intended here) and what type of calibre of players are needed!  I’m sure they believe in what they say as they are the ones who have the true insights here! I mean, c’mon, get real! If you cannot see how influential Armfield is on game day, then all you are doing is showing the footy world how little you know about the game and what it takes to make a team a great one.

Dennis Armfield might not be the most talented player around, but that alone will never make a player a great one.  It takes not only some talent but also a knowledge of what the game is all about, how to play it, how to transform a game that is being lost, into one that ensures a win.  It takes not only some talent but a grit and determination to place every ounce of a player’s ability on the field to ensure that a loss is turned into a win.  Dennis Armfield does this in droves.

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Carlton Football Club is on the rise upwards on the ladder and it needs, nay, demands that players step up and become a player that may not be the most talented one, but one that never, ever gives up. It demands that a player puts their heart and soul on the field when playing. Dennis Armfield with each and every match does this and to have him as part of the leadership group, I’m sure that every player will not only follow him as he assists in the leadership, but he will do what he does best, lead by example at game time and spur the team on. THAT is what Dennis Armfield brings to the leadership group and THAT is why he was chosen.


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