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So-called "know-alls" know nothing!

  • So-called "know-alls" know nothing!

Well here we go again. A team that is testing the waters with its new rookies and recruits and getting beaten in what is essentially practice matches, are now doomed to the wooden spoon and this is according to so called “experts”. These “experts” who are nothing more than ex-players  and regularly show their bias against certain clubs. They give no valid or valued commentary about a team (unless it's one that they either support or used to play for) and how they will perform in the season. They can only judge a team by how it performs in practice rounds.  

What this shows in essence is actually laughable. How can anyone with any serious insight into a season that doesn’t really start until the end of March take anything they say seriously or with any validity until the start of this season? Do serious footy commentators who look at what is being decided or fated for a club during the practice series garnish from this anything more than it is…practice matches.  Going on past history of a club, any club, who does well during the practice series, shows that they flounder when the real season starts. Don’t they see this or are they just trying to fill up the pages of their allocated space in the news with serious and utter rubbish!

How can any commentator who does not have some sort of ulterior motive other than to try and derail a club that they do not like, be taken seriously? Let’s be real and honest here about where Carlton will be in 2017. They will be in a better position than they have been for the past five years because now we have something that was missing, direction.  We now have a senior coach that knows exactly where to take the club and is under no illusion of how or when we will get to where we want to go, to the top. 

Carlton, unlike Mathew Lloyd and others speculate during what is a practice series, know exactly what it will take to get back on top and the time-line may not please some so-called Carlton supporters. It will for those who understand and believe in the process.  To the Mathew Lloyds of this footy world, stop trying to discuss a team’s outlook based on a purely practice series. Start analyzing when it counts, when the umpire holds the ball up for the first bounce on the first match of the season on Thursday 23rd March, 2017 at the MCG.  It is only then can we take anything you may say with any grain of intelligence, otherwise you will be seen for what you really are, bias and uninformed. 


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