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Today marks the day when in 14 days’ time, an umpire will hold a footy ball up in the air, awaiting the siren to sound for the first bounce of the first match. At the MCG on a Thursday evening, Carlton vs Richmond begin the AFL Season 2017.  There has been an influx of newspaper reports, commentary from those that think they know about what will happen in the upcoming season.

More than ever the media seem to pick up on anything no matter insignificant or historical it might be just to fill up space.  Prime example is the Dustin Martin “issue” that he walked out of a press conference after fielding questions, and answering them, about his contract.  For once I actually thought that he did the right thing.  His season has yet to start in reality and he is being bombarded with questions that even he can’t really answer just yet and given his rather volatile nature, he did something that, for him was the only thing he could do, walk out.  Then there is the journalist who interviewed Ed Curnow about the poor performance of Carlton during the JLT series. Curnow was composed, respectful of a journalist who only wanted the answer he wanted to hear, not the truth.  The truth being that Carlton are not worried about their performance during a practice series and that they knew what they are doing.  This journalist asked the same question again and again, but Curnow remained calm and did the only thing he could do, treat the journalist and his question in a calm and composed manner.

Then splashed in today’s Herald Sun was the article that Mick Gatto had been summoned to assist Essendon in getting information from Stephen Dank during their drug scandal.  It was exposed coming from what Essendon have stated to be “disgruntled ex-employees”.  Whether this is the case or not is irrelevant because quite truthfully the AFL public have had enough of this saga, and it is turning out to be just that, a saga.

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With the start of the season fast approaching, and after being starved of footy news over the summer where you sometimes had to scour the newspapers and internet for anything to do with footy, it is quite exciting really that it is now on the front page.  Good or bad the lead up to the start of the season makes you realise that it won’t be long now until the siren is blasted for the first time at the first game of the season.  The questions that will be on everyone’s lips will be from where will Nat Fyffe end up?  Can the Bulldogs pull off a back-to-back premiership? Who will be the recipient of the wooden spoon? Who will rise and who will fall?  For the record, I don’t believe Carlton will get the wooden spoon despite their performance in the JLT series which in reality proves nothing.


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