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You may not like him, but you have great respect for him!

  • You may not like him, but you have great respect for him!

Respect in any form has really nothing to do with whether someone is like or not, it is more how someone goes about their business and how they treat others not only in their industry in general.  In the news this week, we have seen a rather (and I know I will be disliked because of this) spoilt and disinterested performer as he trails his way around Australia to the screams of many fans.  Yep, I’m talking about Justin Beiber. 

There is not one thing that I admire about him.  His music is massed produced in a studio courtesy of modern technology.  He is disinterested in performing, he can’t really sing without the help of technology and goes through the motions like a robot.  For all of his wealth, he has earned no respect from me as he treats those that made him a very wealthy man with disdain and disrespect.  In his field there are others around him, who are near his age and yet are more talented, have great voices, performances and are highly regarded.

This week we also heard that legendary commentator Bruce McAveny is battling leukemia. Now I have said before that I am not a fan of his footy commentary due to his blatant love of particular players and his sometimes puzzling comments.  Yet for all of that, I have the utmost respect for the man as what he brings to the commentary sporting world is huge. His knowledge, his wit, his unashamedly love for sport, you cannot help but admire the man, even if you don’t like what he does sometimes. 

It is also the same with footy players. There are those that you may dislike, but have to admire the way they go about their footy lives on the field and off.  Prime example is Nick Riewoldt. I admire the way he carries himself, his humility and his talent.  I cannot say the same for his cousin, Jack whose inclusion in the Leadership Group at Richmond begs the question is he leadership material? I don’t think so as so far, from what he has shown, he is too self-absorbed to be a leader.  There is Jarred Roughead of Hawthorn who I have always regarded as a real larrikin in the good sense of the footy world.  He loves his sport and he loves the supporters from all sides.  I may not like him when he plays against us, but I have the utmost respect for him as a player and a person. 

Then at Carlton we have Jacob Weitering and Patrick Cripps who I not only admire as players, but at the way they carry themselves off the field.  There is also Charlie Curnow and of course Jack Silvagni. Now Jack could have been a player who believed in his own self-entitlement because of his lineage. He could have become the arrogant, self-indulged player similar in vain to Justin Beiber. He is a humble, self-assured man who was thrust in the footy limelight because of who he was. He has backed it up by his natural abilities on the field and off.  He has the world at his feet, but he has not let it get to his head. 

In today’s world we see people thrust into the limelight for both wrong and right reasons.  It is those that carry themselves with humility and respect to what they have been given that deserves that same respect back to them whether you like them or not.  There is none for Justin Beiber, there is heaps for Bruce McAvaney and I’m not a fan of either. It is the McAvaney’s of the footy world that earn the respect because of the way they go about their job, whether they are liked or not. There are some commentators who believe they are respected in the same vain as Bruce, (take note Kane Cornes, Mathew Richardson) but who never will be because Bruce, Nick, Jarred, Jacob, Patrick and Jack have one thing that the others don’t have, and that is that they treat the world they are in with respect and those that watch or listen to them, in the same vain.  The likes of Justin, Kane and Mathew don’t. 

So while I may not particularly like Bruce McAvaney, I have the utmost respect for him and hope he defeats this battle he is now facing. 


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