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If You Can’t See the Positives from the WC game for Carlton…then you’re Not Looking!

  • If You Can’t See the Positives from the WC game for Carlton…then you’re Not Looking!
  • If You Can’t See the Positives from the WC game for Carlton…then you’re Not Looking!

I didn’t go the WC game and watched it from the comfort of my home.  I got to see the whole game in its entirety from a different perspective and viewpoint.  When you attend a game, you only get to see what is in front of you not the whole entire field and game.  Seeing this particular game, even though we lost, the positives from this far outweigh any negatives.

We had nothing to lose and everything to gain, whereas WC had everything to lose.  We played a hard, gritty game that left even the commentators in awe.  Why? Because it was not what they expected would happen, the predictability of WC thrashing a down-and-out team on the re-build.  They saw, and I saw, the future of the Carlton FC being played out in a stadium that is itself being relegated to the past and will be no more. 

Each week after every game, I rationalize the final score and see what the future of Carlton will be like with a few more tweaks. I talk about how the club is re-building to become once again a force in the AFL.  On Saturday night, I saw the future being played out on my TV and how powerfully wondrous it will be. 

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Jarrod Pickett was told by Bolts to play your game, your way and he did just that.  He was electric, exciting and fast, and he hasn’t even had the benefit of a pre-season yet.  Sure he made mistakes, but that will only make him a stronger player over time.  No player can learn all that they need to learn in a short period of time and with only eight games in him at Carlton, with each and every game he plays, he will become a better and more dynamic player.  If this is what we are seeing after only eight games, I can’t wait to see the growth next season.

Zac Fisher is getting better and better each game he plays.  He is becoming a player with footy intelligence, of knowing where to be and what to do.  Sam Petrevski-Seton is showing signs that with every game he plays, he is getting to understand what is required and how to get it done.  His run, his tackling and his never give up attitude will only become hungrier with each and every match. Charlie Curnow, is just a gun.  His strength, his ability to move around the grown and his fearlessness in taking a mark will become something that other clubs will not only fear but want to emulate.  Jack-bloody Silvagni.  Footy creeps through his veins in ways that most players will never experience.  His uncanny ability to take what looks like an un-takeable mark will only get stronger and  he will become more fearsome next season. 

There are others,  Jacob Weitering who showed more confidence down back than I have seen for a while.  He is a quiet person off-field and even Bolts has said he just needs to be more vocal on the field, this takes time, but his footy insight when playing is growing with each match.

We saw Bryce Gibbs step it up, Marc Murphy really take the lead. The Big Man, Kreuz play not only in a ruck position but was able to move around the ground and create opportunities for others.  Simmo, Docherty, Lamb, and everyone else on the team played a game that was exciting to watch. 

The excitement that I felt watching the game showed that what Bolts and his team are endeavouring to achieve is working.  They are developing a team that will be in the future a very successful one.  They are enabling these younger players to do what they need to do in order to become great players in the future, allowing them to play freely without any real ramifications to the final outcome.

Both the club and those supporters who listened to Bolts message at the beginning of the year knew what this club was going to be doing this season, growing the young players to become elite players.  If supporters cannot see this from this game, then you are not really looking.  If you cannot take away from this game against WC what how the coaches are grooming the younger players to be part of a successful team, then you are not looking. If you cannot be excited for what is about to come for Carlton, then not only are you not looking, but you do not understand what it takes to become a successful club. 

I saw on the weekend how Carlton are on the verge of becoming once again a force to be reckoned with next season and if you cannot see this, then you are so not looking.


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