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Media saying Carlton is boring!...As a Carlton supporter, I don't care what they say!

  • Media saying Carlton is boring!...As a Carlton supporter, I don't care what they say!

So some “media commentators” have come out to say that “Carlton is boring” that they are playing a boring game of footy and that it is going nowhere.  Not only do I strongly and vehemently disagree with those comments, but it amazes me that these so-called commentators who are ex-footballers, have no real clue or understanding at what Carlton has gone through in the past few years and what it is trying to achieve and really do not like Carlton at all.

If you are going to base these comments on the win/loss outcome, then sure, by your standards, Carlton are boring, but there is more to this club’s re-build than winning or losing.  It is about the re-building, re-structuring and re-igniting of a club that has been through a meat grinder in the past five years.

Neil Craig, announced his retirement from footy today and in an interview on SEN, he stated that what has been achieved since he came to the club is incredible.  That the club is building a culture of respect, inclusion, learning and laying the foundation of being made accountable not only on the field, but off as well.  Bolts is putting down foundations that will ensure the longevity of success at the club.  This has to start with a solid foundation of players who at the start of their careers understand what is required to become an elite footy player and it includes dedication, persistence and experience.  This can only be achieved by playing at a senior level where mistakes are made and learned from and enhancing skills that take time to perfect.

Craig also answered the question of does it bother the club if they are going to win the wooden spoon and if so how does the club try to avoid that. He stated that if you look at trying not to win the wooden spoon, then you are not trying to do what you need to do which is to build a club that is in the hunt for a Premiership.  That a club must not focus on not winning the wooden spoon, but focus of achieving a level of footy that will ensure the push for a Premiership is the final goal.  This, he said, takes time and that Carlton are well on their way to achieve this.

Carlton may be a boring team at the moment, but in reality, who really cares? Because right now the excitement of the youth that we are seeing developing on the field is anything but boring. If media commentators come out and say that Carlton are playing a boring brand of footy, then fine, I’ll wear that, but I don’t really care because I see and many other media commentators see what is underlying this “boring” style of game.  The hitting of a “reset” button to bring this club back to the top.  It requires time, patience and the continual push to make younger players more rounded and developed. No club can achieve any measure of success without this.

So if we are boring, I don’t care. Do I think we are boring? No. Do I think that what is happening at Carlton is boring – No. Do I think that what the club is endeavouring to achieve is sending the team backwards – No. Will Carlton become a successful club under Bolts – Yes. Do I care if some of the media can’t see this – No.


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