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Trade Period...let the circus begin!

  • Trade Period...let the circus begin!
  • Trade Period...let the circus begin!

So here it is. The time of the year when the final siren has gone for another season, the winner celebrated, the loser, lick their wounds and speculation, assumptions, opinions are rife. Yep, it’s the trade period. 

No matter where I am during this period, I am connected to and listen to AFL’s Trade Radio.  I try not to listen when Kane Cornes is on, as all I want to do is throw the apparatus that I am listening to, out of the window.  That being said, this trade period is proving to be rather hectic. My focus is really on Carlton and what they will be doing.

Let me be quite clear with regard to Bryce Gibbs. I won’t go into whether he stays or goes and what could be done and if Adelaide is wanting him there, or whether he wants to go back.  So much crap went on last year about this, that whatever is going to happen will be kept under wraps until the time is right.  Is he going, don’t know. Some have said definitely, but my view is that it all depends on what we will get for him. All I know is that it has to be substantial and Carlton will not let him leave unless we get something bloody decent for that.

We know for sure that Matt Kennedy is coming to Carlton, but that is about that.  I don’t quite believe when some say that they know what is going to happen because they happen to know someone who knows someone else, who knows someone etc. etc. etc. We cannot, as well, state what we would like to see happen because we are just supporters, we don’t know what is going to happen what the club is looking for and they are certainly not going to release this information until what they have got has been confirmed.

Every year supporters, bloggers etc. state their anger when something that they believe should happen simply doesn’t; or that in their opinion, Carlton is not going in hard enough.  We must understand that this season was better than most expected, we finished higher than those at the beginning of the season, predicted we would finish. 

We are lacking some grunt in the mid-field and some extra bodies in the forward line. We have a great setup in the backline, we just need more down the other end.  We have some exceptional young players who with another pre-season and more senior games under their belt will blitz the game.  With more tweaking and refining, Carlton will move up the ladder in 2018. But we, the supporters, need to be patient and understand the process and not get swept up in the mess that is the trade period.

We must not get caught up in the rhetoric that commentators have broadcasted based on supposition, assumptions, and speculation.  We must understand the road that Carlton is taking to ensure that they become a feared club again.

Looking forward to this time in the footy world and you will hear from me during this time, but I won’t be swept into making statements of trades that I know nothing about or speculate on that same premise. I will just let those that know what they are doing, do it; understand what Carlton need and get it done and believe that now, for the past few years, Carlton is on track to regaining the top spot again. Haven’t been for a while, they are now.


P.S. Teague coming home to Carlton is a big step in the best direction for the club.  His passion, ability, and knowledge will only be a brilliant asset. 

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