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Trigg's resignation, my view!

  • Trigg's resignation, my view!

So Carlton is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. (SIGH). Steven Trigg has tendered his resignation and rumblings about this were leaked to the media a month ago by someone on the Board.  (SIGH).  Caroline Wilson has written a rather scathing article about the handling by the Carlton Board of Trigg’s resignation. (SIGH).  While all of this may be true, let us get a few things straight here.

Trigg is going to be staying on until a replacement has been found, now what does that say about the club and it’s handling of this rather unfortunate situation?  It says, to me, that yes, Trigg has resigned but it can’t really be an acrimonious one if he is staying on, leading the club until someone else had been found.

President Mark LoGuidice stated on SEN that Simon Lethlean has not been approached by the club to take over, SEN did not believe that.  Whether it is true or not is not the issue, the issue is that someone on a Board that is supposedly looking out for the Carlton FC, just simply isn’t and is only looking out for their own self-gain.  If this is the case, then the Board has a lot answer for. I have no issue whatsoever in what the club is doing with regard to Trigg, I just have an issue in the way it was handled. 

Carlton needs a CEO who has a commercial background, which is what LoGuidice has stated, and I agree.  We need as a club to take this rise in positivism within the club to the next level both on the field and off.  We need to have at the helm, running a club which is, in essence, a major organization with thousands of stakeholders, on to the next level.  Trigg has done a lot for the club and has ensured that we have a coach and a coaching team that will take us to the next level on the field.  We have young players, senior players, and players who are yet to join who will take us to the next level on the field.  We cannot fall behind on a commercial level if we want to succeed on the field and like or not, on the field and off-field growth, go hand in hand.

This does not sit well with a lot of supporters, or those who just don’t like Carlton as they will say “same-old Carlton, nothing has changed.” Rubbish, a lot has, it is just there are some who still need weeding out of the old to bring in the new.  There are those in the media who either just don’t like Carlton or anything or anyone associated with it and jump up, rubbing their hands with glee the moment something untoward occurs.  There are those that need to realize that a footy club is more than the sum of its playing team, it is the entire commercial aspect that goes into ensuring a club has stability and success.

Steven Trigg, while he has done a lot for the club, just doesn’t have that commercial prowess.  Trigg has the capacity to take a floundering club up the rungs of a ladder but doesn’t have the capacity to take that leap off the ladder and onto an even higher one. The modern game is more than just on-field prowess, it is also off the field.

If we, the Carlton FC want to have the 70,000 members that Richmond or Collingwood have, we have to get someone to take the club to the next level internally, who has that commercial ability to do that. We have the coaches, we have the young players, we have the senior players, we have the future of players who have yet to join, and we now need the administrative part of the club to take us further.

We can’t as supporters be looking at this in the “half-glass empty” way, we have to see it for what it is, a step in the direction of becoming a great club again.  As I said, I have no issue with Steven Trigg’s resignation, I just have an issue in the way it was handled. The person who leaked the info to the media, must hang their head in shame and resign because what you have done has put the club under a dim view from the outside and put the club ten steps backward in this respect and also in respect to how some supporters will view this.  It was self-serving and achieved a level of nastiness that I thought the club had got rid of.  If it was a leak that was planned, then those that instigated it, must resign, this is not what a club or any organization must be doing while in the throes of rebuilding.

I would like to thank Steven Trigg for what he has done for the club in his three and half years, for he has infused a new positivism and growth. It is now time to take it to the next level with the new CEO, whoever that may be. 


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