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From the depths of despair...great things will happen!

  • From the depths of despair...great things will happen!

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 31: Marc Murphy of the Blues (L) leads the team out after defeat during the round two AFL match between the Carlton Blues and the Gold Coast Suns at Etihad Stadium on March 31, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

We all want to lay blame somewhere and on someone when bad things happen, and Carlton’s performance on Saturday afternoon, was, well – bad! So many things and players went missing, from basic skills to what looked like a very puzzling aura on the ground.  I’m not going to lay blame or point fingers or even worse still, want to get rid of the coach.  None of these will change anything at the club or the team. 

To suggest that Bolts should be sacked is a typical knee-jerk reaction that the club used to do in the past, not now.  Just think of the following scenario if Bolts is sacked – and this is just purely hypothetical.  If Bolts is sacked, then hunt goes on for another coach, which means that the club will be in more disarray than ever. Players won’t want to stay, players won’t’ want to come to the club.  There will be low morale for the rest of the season, then at the end of this season, the club will have to start all over again and it will take another 5 years to re-build, once again.  It won’t happen, the club won’t let this happen and this is just a hypothetical to those who believe that the best thing the club can do is sack the coach.

The team played, well, atrocious on Saturday against a team that based on our performance the week before, we should have won. There is nothing I can say that will change what happened, but I can say that this week against Collingwood, the team will be different, not only in who is in and out but in their mindset.  There is no deeper recrimination than self-recrimination and that is exactly what every player on Saturday felt. I haven’t spoken to any of them, but I can assure you that they too feel the horror of what they served up and will do everything in their power to rectify this.

We must remember that it is only week 2 of the season.  We cannot be a club that when the going gets tough, we just toss out those that have the ability and capability to get the club back on top again.  This takes time.  We cannot expect the team to become great in a matter of three years when it has undergone a dramatic change in the playing group.  We have to be patient. We must be patient. 

Every supporter who believes that Carlton should in the top tier of the competition right now, do not really see the big picture that the club is endeavoring to draw. We want longevity in the game; we want to be the Hawthorn’s of the game, not the Bulldogs.  To do this we must; even when the outcome is far from what we expected; understand that in a team where the average age is 23, time is what we need. 

The performance against GC was appalling, but the team is united in what it wants to achieve this year and this was just a glitch in the program. The notion that Bolts has not improved the team, is ridiculous. The idea that Bolts and SOS need to be sacked is ridiculous. We have to understand that the team came up against a very unfamiliar brick wall against the GC and that it will only serve to make them more aware if the same situation occurs again, and it will.

This experience that upset everyone at Carlton and its supporters, will make them hungrier and determined to scale the brick wall and climb over it and triumph.  We saw it against Richmond and we will see it again.  All talk of ‘sacking’ does nothing and never will, history at the Carlton FC has proven this.


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