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#BOUNDBYBLUE...not by others agendas!

  • #BOUNDBYBLUE...not by others agendas!

So now there is a petition going to bring Tom Elliott into the fold at Carlton, to take over as President; to sack the current Board, CEO, and staff, coaches and that by doing this, Carlton will become a great club again. Well, based on this, I have to say, and this is something that I don’t do very often, or it is an emotion that I don’t display that often, but I am angry and pissed off.

I have written and said before that this does nothing, solves nothing and achieves nothing. Oh, no wait, it does achieve something, it ensures that the club goes further behind in a re-build. They state that the current Board, President, CEO etc. have their agenda, and I would have to agree, they do, to get this club back on top. These so-called “enlightened” people who believe that Elliott and their mob will be better as they too have their own agenda. So, are we to scrap everything that the club has been working towards just to appease these so-called “supporters” who believe in their own agenda?  Are we to say, “hey I know, let’s just scrap everyone at the club now, and start all over again and you know, next year, we will be a much better club and team.” Is that an even rational and logical statement to make – nope. 

What these “supporters” don’t understand is that what the majority of supporters do and that is, for the first time since the debacle of the sacking of Rattan and the hiring of Malthouse, we have said enough and have started again.  Membership numbers are UP, not down UP! Do they really think that their way is the right way? Do they really believe that this will solve everything? I kept wanting to see if this petition was in any way part of a fantasy fiction piece because it sure looks like that.

What is the credibility of Elliott other than him being a radio host and having a father who put Carlton in the quagmire of salary cap breaches that has cost this club dearly. I can guarantee that the majority, the vast majority of members who are entitled to cast a vote when elections happen, that they will not, repeat WILL NOT vote for Elliott or anyone else who believes that he can solve everything at the club – he can’t and neither can these so-called supporters who started this petition.

We are all just as upset and angry at the effort the team put in on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that another knee-jerk reaction is the best way to get the club out of the doldrums and back to the top.  Stop being so arrogant where you firmly believe that your agenda will solve everything – it won’t, you will only do more damage that you cannot possibly understand.  Be angry, have a vent but this petition and these so-called supporters who think they know better and who believe they are the “knights in shining armor” will never have the support or votes for the majority of supporters who believe that short-term pain will lead to long-term gain. And if it means standing up against you, then I can guarantee that I along with others will happily do this. You are not #BOUNDBYBLUE but are #BOUNDBYYOUROWNAGENDANOTCARLTONS!


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